Tuesday, February 25, 2014

How to play music on Xbox One (2 methods)

Hello everyone so a while back I made two videos about how to play music on your Xbox One.

First method was to use an HDMI chord, and plug it into the back of your Xbox One where the TV cable goes would normally go. This way you can plug in your laptop, pc, console, etc. The video below will show you this method in action.

My second method is involved with using an app to stream photos, videos and music from your phone or tablet onto the Xbox One. Here is the video to show how to do so.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

How to play music on your xbox 360/ps3 via smartphone

Hello everyone and welcome to this step by step guide on explaining how to play music on your xbox 360/ps3 via smartphone! This works with almost every smartphone

Step 1: Very first thing you would need to do is make sure you have your wifi on. Very important. Will no work without it.

Step 2: Make sure your console and phone is connected to your wifi.

Step 3: Go to your app store, and download the app named "iMediaShare"

Step 4: After downloading this app, you will need to go to the home screen of it and make sure the app stays on.

What this app does, is it reads your phone as a computer on your console!

Step 5: Go to your console, go under your music and find where it has the iMediaShare option.

Step 6: After clicking on the iMediaShare, you should now be able to access your music/videos/picture etc.!

Need anymore help or demonstration? Here is my video for more help.